Lighting Designs - LEDs

  • LEDsThe new Part L1A of the building regulations require you to have a least 75% low energy lighting.
  • The definition of low energy being that the efficiency is greater than 45 lumens/watt and the bulb delivers at least 40 lumens.
  • More and more people are now using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as their main source of lighting as this technology has truly come of age.
  • LEDs often have efficiencies of over 100 lumens/watt and are now available in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can even buy dimmable LEDs.
  • LEDs cost more than traditional lights such as Halogen and Compact Fluorescents, but this extra cost is mitigated by the fact that they have incredibly long lifetimes (100,000 hours in some cases).
  • It should be noted that some Halogens and Compact Fluorescents are also classified as low energy; should you still prefer this type of lighting.


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