Full Building Control Service

building control iconLegal Requirements

...  all newly built structures built in the UK are required to comply with the United Kingdom’s Building Regulations  ...

The Building Regulations are designed to ensure

  • the safety and health for people in or about those buildings
  • that fuel and power is used efficiently
  • that facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and utilise all aspects of the building and its surrounds 

Approved Documents

The Building Regulations are made under powers provided in the Building Act 1984, and apply in England and Wales and are set out in the following Approved Documents.

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Outline of the Building Control process

  • Setup Stage
    • The client request us to provide a full Building Control Service and supplies us with the proposed address of the property along with contact details of the Agent and the Payer.
    • The client also provides a full set of working drawings and specifications of the building project.
    • After studying the drawings and specifications we set the new job up on our computer system and produce a Fee Proposal, which is sent to the client (usually via email).
    • If the client accepts the Fee Proposal (via email) we proceed to the Design & Consultancy Stage.
  • Design & Consultancy Stage
    • The drawings and specifications are studied in detail to identify any issues which might cause non-compliance with the building regulations.
    • Discussions are held with the agent to address any non-compliance issues should they arise.
    • Once all is ok we can proceed to the Building Stage.
  • Building Stage
    • Once building has commenced site visits will be required at the following stages of the build
      • Excavation of footings & preparation of oversite
      • Completion of oversite
      • Inspection of first floor joists
      • Inspection of roof members
      • Inspection of insulation
  • Completion Stage
    • Once the building has been completed final checks are done, documents are gathered and the building is signed-off 


Pricing depends upon the complexity and location of the building. If you would like more information, advice or a quotation, then please call

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